5 Porte

5 Doors

aria condizionata

Air conditioning

cambio manuale

Manual transmission

9 posti

9 Seats

CDW € 2500

CDW € 2500

Limite 120km/giorno

Limit 120km/day

Km extra € 0,29/Km

Km extra € 0,29/Km

Why rent a vehicle of the category A8 SPACE in Cagliari

Cars in this category are 9 seater minibuses equipped with air conditioning, turbo diesel engines, suitable for both medium and long journeys; they can carry up to 9 passengers.

We recommend renting this type of car to large families or groups that can enjoy the pleasure of traveling on the same vehicle.

The 9 seat minibuses are often rented also for transporting bulky sports equipment such as surfboards etc

If you are thinking of renting a car in Cagliari for a trip out of town or for your holidays in Sardinia book now and take advantage of the incredible offers with the guarantee that there will be no hidden costs.

Examples of cars in this category: Fiat Ducato 9 px or similar