Fuoristrada 4X4

Off road 4X4

5 Porte

5 Doors

aria condizionata

Air conditioning

cambio manuale

Manual transmission

5 posti

5 Seats

CDW € 2000

CDW € 2000

Limite 120km/giorno

Limit 120km/day

Km extra € 0,32/Km

Km extra € 0,32/Km

Why rent a vehicle of the category A7 OFFROAD in Cagliari

The vehicles of this category are 4x4 off-road cars with air conditioning, generally with five doors, with turbo diesel engines suitable for medium and long distances even on dirt roads; they can carry up to 5 passengers with large baggage.

These are the ideal cars to cover dirt roads or mountain routes in comfort and safety.

Renting an off-road car in Sardinia means having the opportunity to discover bays, beaches and other beautiful landscapes difficult to reach with a common car and far from the most known and popular places.

Examples of cars in this category: Hunday Terracan or similar