City car

3/5 porte

3/5 Doors

aria condizionata

Air conditioning

cambio manuale

Manual transmission

5 posti

5 Seats

CDW € 900

CDW € 900

Limite 120km/giorno

Limit 120km/day

Km extra € 0,25/Km

Km extra € 0,25/Km

Why rent a vehicle of the category A2 CITY in Cagliari

The cars in this category are the right compromise between low costs and versatility .

These are air-conditioned city cars, with three or five doors, with low fuel consumption suitable both for city use and for short and medium trips; they can carry up to 5 passengers with small baggage.

\They are the most rented cars in our fleet both because, like the vehicles of  A1 ECONOMY category , can be hired by those who have obtained the license for less than a year or are under 21 years (in these cases a Young Driver fee is required as indicated in the rental conditions) or by those who do not have a credit card (the security deposit can be paid in cash or with a debit card or Visa Electron prepaid card etc.),

Examples of cars in this category: Fiat Panda, Renault Clio, Hyunday Getz etc