Medium car rental


3/5 porte

3/5 Doors

aria condizionata

Air conditioning

cambio manuale

Manual transmission

5 posti

5 Seats

CDW € 1500

CDW € 1500

Limite 120km/giorno

Limit 120km/day

Km extra € 0,29/Km

Km extra € 0,29/Km

Why rent a vehicle of the category A4 MEDIUM in Cagliari

The vehicles of this category offer a good comfort and a greater internal space keeping the external dimensions contained.

They are mid-range air-conditioned CARS, with three or five doors, with low fuel consumption suitable for medium and long distances; but also for the city. They can carry up to 5 passengers with medium baggage.

They are certainly the best choice of rental for those who need a bigger and more comfortable car than the smallest city cars while keeping a low price.

Book the vehicle you prefer with the guarantee that you will not have to pay any hidden costs at the time of collection.

Also for this category of car you can pay the security deposit in cash or by debit/prepaid card (for more information go to the page of the f.a.q.)

Examples of cars in this category: Fiat Grande Punto, Opel Corsa etc