Rental Naked 125 cc

Motorbike 125 cc.

cambio manuale

Manual transmission

2 posti

2 Seats

Avviamento Elettrico

Electric start

CDW € 600

CDW € 600

Limite 120km/giorno

Limit 120km/day

Km extra € 0,25/Km

Km extra € 0,25/Km

Why rent a vehicle of the category M1 LIGHT in Cagliari

Vehicles in the M1 Light category are naked 125 cc 4-stroke motorcycles: the lightest, the most agile and economical of our motorbike rental fleet.

They are recommended to drive in Cagliari downtown or for a trip out of town to discover the beautiful beaches of South Sardinia.

Motorbikes in this category can not circulate on some of the main Sardinian roads and, having a small 125 cc engine and a free roadside assistance limited to a 80  km radius from the pick-up station, are not suitable for long  trips around the Island.

What driver  license is required for this type of motorbike?

EUROPEAN LICENSE: A1, A2, A (for motorcycles) or B (for cars) driving licenses class.

NON EUROPEAN LICENSE:  motorcycles driver license the car license allows you to drive maximum a  50 cc moped